Welcome to Blue Crush Music

Working with producers and artists in Sweden and Canada, Blue Crush Music creates fresh, contemporary sounds and blends with evocative imagery and lyrics.

Bo Henrik - Sweden

Bo Henrik gets his beat from North America and his soul from Sweden. He’s got old-school artistry in his genes, wild nature in his sights, and North America and Sweden as his life’s cultural forces.  Neo-soul, indie pop, hip hop and dirty rhythms all wrapped into one…..these are the things that shape his sound. Bo Henrik is gonna bring you to the edge of your seat and not let go. Bo Henrik Spotify.


Alisa Leon - Canada

Alisa Leon is somewhere between Aretha Franklin, Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey. She has the vocals of the old school divas mixed with the modern elements of an artist like Sabrina Claudio. Honest songs with experimental sound that doesn’t lose its catchy side - that's Alisa. I want to create something new that nobody has heard before that is easy to take in. Dark pop music, without cliches.


Bryan Fogelman

Songwriter/composer Bryan Fogelman creates fresh, contemporary melodies and blends with emotional-rich lyrics. Crossing genres and influences from Alternative/Indie Pop, R & B, Soul, Hot AC to Top 40 power pop, Bryan is currently writing and working closely with Bo and Alisa to create irresistible songs with catchy melodies and powerful, emotional lyrics that dig deep!